Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I know this is not exactly a great photo, in fact it is a jpeg of a photo from a Japanese ceramic magazine from 1987 and shows a rather early piece by Fujioka Shuhei. Though this piece looks a lot more Shigaraki than Iga, Fujioka is best known for his angular, hacked at, sculptural Iga works which are intensely fired and easily recognized due his unique style. This vase really catches my attention partly due to the fact that it is just as carefree and wonky a mallet vase as can be with not a hint of being over worked or contrived in any way which is just as it should be. The vase was fired on its side as evidenced by the ash pattern which is running across the sides and the remnants of shell scars show on the rear which is also the direction the neck is now leaning due to the fact that it was marginally supported during the firing producing the effect now seen. One can only image the color and tones based on individual experiences but I for one would love to see this piece in all of its glorious color and I doubt it would disappoint even one tiny bit. Where is Ted Turner and his colorization process when you need it?

"The spirit of Old Iga,
its body born in these hands,
and the sould which transcends time,
gives life to that which I shape."  Fujioka Shuhei (from the website of Fujioka Shuhei)

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